How to edit the name and/or availability of vegan options

For users who are logged into  it is now possible to correct or improve the name of a vegan option, and to indicate that it is not available any more or not available at the moment. It’s also possible to confirm that a given option still is available. All in all, Veganauts now have more tools to adapt the information on the platform to the changes that happen in the locations they explore.

To change or improve the name of a vegan option, click on it in the list of vegan offers (1), then click on “Show all editing options” (2).

Anyway, you find all these editing options in the location details view when you scroll down to the list of vegan offers. You can also rate individual vegan options there. If you are registered and logged in, that is. If you are not: register here, it’s fast and easy.

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