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Screenshot of veganaut issues on GitHub
Die ersten paar unserer 49 offenen Issues auf GitHub, d.h. die ersten paar von 49 Features, von denen wir oder andere einmal dachten, dass es noch so cool wären, wenn unsere Platform sie hätte. Wie entscheiden wir, für welche sich der Planungs-, Design- und Programmieraufwand lohnt?

Töbu (der Hauptentwickler von hat mir empfohlen, das Buch UX for Lean Startups. Faster, Smarter User Experience Research and Design von Laura Klein zu lesen. Ich hab’s gemacht. Was mir dank dem Buch klarer geworden ist: Projekte wie machen mehr Sinn & Spass und weniger Sorgen, wenn man sie als fröhliches Hypothesen-Testen versteht.

Wie meinen? – Ich versuch’s zu erklären. Continue reading als fröhliche Wissenschaft

Veganaut is hiring!

Image Credit: Impact Hub Zürich

Summerpreneurship is a wonderful program organised by the Impact Hub Zürich (and Geneva). It brings together impact-driven startups and young people looking for an internship in an  entrepreneurial environment.  But that’s not all: “An innovative education program complements the internship, making Summerpreneurship a mix between a summer school, an internship for the students and a management learning journey for the start-ups.” Don’t believe me?  Then check out the program’s homepage, where I copy-pasted this quote from.

And while you’re on that page, scroll down to find Veganaut’s job postings (or read on here). Continue reading Veganaut is hiring!

Why The Smart Money Is on The Vegan Market

There are a few roundabout ways to try to convince someone that it’s smart to invest in the vegan market. One of those ways is to point to undeniably smart people who have done just that. Another is to put your own money into this market and try to look smart in the process. I’ve done both of these things and I’ll keep doing them. However, there’s also a more direct way to make the same point: explaining why it is so. So why is it smart to invest in the vegan market? Because unless the vegan market grows massively we’re all doomed anyway. Continue reading Why The Smart Money Is on The Vegan Market